Superchain Dev Console

Tools to help you build, launch, and grow your app on the Superchain


Superchain Faucet

Get test ETH tokens to build your app on the Superchain.

Testnet Paymaster

Integrate smart accounts and get your testnet transactions sponsored.

Superchain Safe

Get multisig support on any OP Chain in the Superchain.

Quick Start

Deploy an app on the Superchain in under 15 minutes.

Launch & Grow

Deployment Rebate

Launch on the Superchain and get your deployment costs covered up to $200.

Coming soon

Get up to $500 in free gas for your users when you use the Superchain Paymaster.

Join waitlist

Amplify your launch through Superchain marketing channels.

Retro Funding

Get rewarded for adding value to the Superchain ecosystem.


Github Developer Forum

Get all of your development questions answered by Superchain experts.


Join the /op-stack channel.

App examples


alchemy logo
Get 2 months of Alchemy Growth tier for free
alchemy logo
Get 3 months of Alchemy Subgraphs for free
Gelato logo
Get 30 days of VIP deployment support from Gelato
Gelato logo
Get 3 months of credits and support from Quicknode
Gelato logo
Get 90 days of Thirdweb’s Growth plan and more for free
Spearbit logo
Get subsidies for audits and security services from Spearbit
OP Sunny graphic

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